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Starboard Kode Wave Carbon 2016

The fast wave board. Philip Koster's choice.
The fast rocker and mono-concave squash tail create speed and
acceleration for taking jumps and waveriding to the airs.
The Kode Wave just wants to boost, whether it's jumping or
waveriding. It offers excellent projection above the lip with a lot of
power while being more adapted to the new generation of aerial and
rotational wave riding.

New Rocker: Fast rocker with moderate tail kick across the range.
The rail rocker and centerline rocker flatten and accelerate at
different points throughout the board's length to combine turning
ability when wave-riding with speed and acceleration when jumping
and straight-line riding.
New Bottom Shape: Mono-concave in the tail creates speed and
acceleration. The forward Vee has been brought back into the monoconcave
for a smoother initiation of the bottom turn and rail-to-rail
Outline: The Kodes keep their comfortably generous widths under
the mast track and back foot for early planing and sliding reverse
New Rails: Softer, round and finer forward rails are more forgiving
in maneuvers while providing more acceleration and precision in the
turns. Sharp and crisp in the tail for reliable bite.
Fins: Vertical, square twin fins by MB generate a compact power
delivery with drive while allowing for early release of the tail in newschool
rotation moves. Can be converted to single fin for a more
classic feel.

''In the surf, it is easy and radical at the same time. Easy because its shape forgives mistakes such as foot placement or pressure. Easy because it
generates a lot of speed in the surf while being at ease in mushy waves. Its radical side is seen by its ability to turn tight and with power but also by its
capacity to throw all the modern moves such as takas, 360, off-the-lips and anything else you can think of. Fast, efficient and extremely playful in the surf;
especially in mushier waves; this board is a real weapon for side-on shore conditions thanks to the right mix of accessibility and radicalness. The Starboard
Kode Wave places itself amongst the boards to watch this year''
- Excerpt from WIND Magazine - Waveboard Test 2014


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Frage zum Produkt

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