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Die meisstgefahrene Finne in der PWA!
Rider wie World Champion Antoine Albeau, Björn Dunkerbeck, Arnon Dagan, Cyril Mossilmani, Vincent Langer und viele andere Pros schwören auf diese Finne.

All our fins are produced in handmade pre-preg technology. This is the only way to get the best performance next to the smallest tolerances. not a secret that sometimes two similar fins can feel different, but this gives you the opportunity to test out the best one that is the fastest for you.zsf fin small
currently available two different models of slalom fins marked as ZSL and ZSF. The most loved model so far is the ZS, which we have sold about 80% over last 2 seasons. SF was born in spring 2012 and was designed as a flat-water foil. No doubt, this foil is fast and you can get out lot of speed from this, but sometimes it just takes a time. Both fins have their own profile and their own outline. visually the ZSF has much narrow tip compared ZSL.
the ZSF is most wanted if you have a lot of control over your sail and board combination and if you feel that a bit of extra speed is what you need, knowing that you can sacrifice a bit of control. Easy condition, light wind, flat water is were this model express most of its advantage.
the ZSL is extremely fast in all conditions and not scared of anything, the hardest it gets and the most control you take out from it, not needing ever to slow down. It has very good power and control ratio that allows even the hardest of the board to sail smoothly and allows you to performs in any conditions.
By default, the standard stiffness is S-(extra soft). This is the stiffness used in about 90% of our fins. S(soft) is what bigger and heavier guys usually use, typically in sizes ranging from 28 to 35cm. S–(extra extra soft) is the product we started offering from September 2013, and it has become more popular. It is already well tested by top riders with great satisfaction.
Fin boxes
Our fins come in two different type of boxes: Tuttle and Deep Tuttle. By default all fins from 28 to 42cm are made with tuttle box, and from 43cm and up, deep tuttle is used. Smaller fins can also be delivered with deep tuttle box if you board supports it.
zsl fin
Slalom fins are available in sizes from 28 to 52cm
First three letters – The model ZSL or ZSF
Next two numbers – Length in CM
Then follows stiffness and type of fin head.
For example: ZSF 38 S- Tuttle. This is the ZSF model blade, length 38, stiffness extra soft, tuttle head
Warrenty for S and S- fins lasts 12 months. For S– fins, the warrenty is 6 months starting 10 days after fin is shipped from production.
Due to big tolerances in board production, we are producing the fin head 1/10mm bigger than the fin box. This means, that the first time you are using your fin, you might need to sand the fin head until it fits correctly into the box. If you sand it too little and start tightening the screws, you might break the fin head, and this is not covered by the 1y or 6m warrenty.

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