2021 Z FINS FINNE CARBON ZSLM S- 33 + 34 + 35 + 36 + 38 + 44 + 46

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Die neueste Finne aus dem Hause Z

Das ist die neueste Waffe für die kommende Saison!!!

Der Zweck dieser neuen Finne war etwas zu entwickeln was sehr einfach zu benützen ist in  choppy Bedingungen.
Dank ihres guten Lifts ist diese Finne auch besonders schnell auf glattem Wasser wie sie häufig an Süsswasser Seen oder der Ostsee vorkommen. Die Outline ist die Selbe wie bei der aktuellen SL Finne, das Profil ist aber anders.

This is the new weapon for upcoming season. Named SLM. The purpose of that blade was to develop something, that is easy to use in choppy water conditions. This fin is super fast also in flatter conditions. Due to its good lift it fits perfect to fresh water conditions like Baltic Sea. The outline is the same as current SL, the profile is different.

All our fins are produced in handmade pre-preg technology. This is the only way to get the best performance next to the smallest tolerances. not a secret that sometimes two similar fins can feel different, but this gives you the opportunity to test out the best one that is the fastest for you.Warrenty for S and S- fins lasts 12 months. For S– fins, the warrenty is 6 months starting 10 days after fin is shipped from production.
Due to big tolerances in board production, we are producing the fin head 1/10mm bigger than the fin box. This means, that the first time you are using your fin, you might need to sand the fin head until it fits correctly into the box. If you sand it too little and start tightening the screws, you might break the fin head, and this is not covered by the 1y or 6m warrenty.

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