2022 SIMMER SX6 ALU BOOM 180 - 240

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The SX6 presents amazing performance with great stiffness and durability within a T8 alu body and tail extension. The monocoque (one piece) profile gives extraordinary stiffness and strength. The boom head is designed for maximum grip to the mast. With a high friction contact surface against the mast, a robust rope hook and a boom lever that allows you to effortless apply high-tension when securing the boom to its correct position. The double pin lock system provides optimal load distribution and a stiff connection between the boom monoquoe body and tail end, even when maximally extended. All graphics on the EVA are die-cut so no graphics will peel off, even after years of wear n'tear.

Get out there and go for it with the SX6 boom, durability and performance that you can trust!   

size grip profile kg
140-200 27mm monocoque 2.45
160-220 27mm monocoque 2.7
180-240 29mm monocoque 2.85
200-260 29mm monocoque 3.1

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