2023 NP RS Flight EVO IV C10 pacific blue / aqua 6,7 qm

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Our foil racing machine re-defined.

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2023 NP RS Flight EVO IV

A lifetime of PWA World Titles, IFCA World Titles and World Speed Records.

Completely redesigned for 2023, our most technologically advanced Slalom sail ever. Designed from the ground up with our new state-of-the-art 3D design software. Entire sail is modeled in 3D in its actual flying shape with twist and luff curve accounted for. Our quadruple luff panel allows us to align panels with the highest loads. Full carbon battens above the boom offer ultimate performance and weight. 


Designed and tested at our NeilPryde Maui Design Center by Robert Stroj, then further developed through our team riders' feedback from across the world. No stone is left uncovered in our relentless drive to be the best at what we do.

Sail Features:

The Most Winning Race Sail Evolution on The Planet

RS:Racing holds more world titles and speed records than any other racing sail over the past 20 years.

Quadruple Luff Construction

4 levels of material make up the luff sleeve to increase strength and load carrying performance in this critical, high-stress area of the sail. This luff sleeve design allows us to carry a maximum amount of downhaul tension and greatly reduces stretch in the luff sleeve area, thus increasing performance.

6 Batten Design

Since foil sails do not need such an emphasis on control, we were able to reduce the RS:Flight to 6 battens, cutting out un-necessary weight and giving the sail a softer feel and better pumping / gybing abilities.

Airflow Batten Layout

Battens are laid out in an aerodynamically correct way, taking into account the rake of the sail when sailing. This improves airflow, allows for easier rotation and faster acceleration.

Leading Edge Rib

Carbon ribs sewn onto the upper sleeve’s leading edge stabilize this critical section of the profile on the highest battens where cambers are not used.

This helps maintain the sail’s profile clean, reducing drag, allowing higher top speed and ensuring proper rotation.

High Aspect Design 

The outline of the RS:Flight is much higher aspect than the RS:Racing outline. This allows the sail to take maximum advantage of every gust and promotes maximum speed and upwind/downwind performance.

Tight Leech Design

Designed purely for foil free-race, RS:Flight takes advantages of design features which are not optimal to use on fin sails due to the need for control and wind release over chop when using a fin. Hence, RS:Flight features all the design advantages listed above to gain maximum performance when used to power a pure foil race board.

Color: C10 Cyan/Blue


M2 CM CM CM KG          
4.5 398 158 28 TBC 6 3 or 4 370 RDM   Fixed Head
5.1 420 166 20 TBC 6 or 7 3 or 4 400 RDM   Fixed Head
5.7 414 174-176 16 TBC 7 4 430 RDM   Fixed Head
6.7 488 186-188 28 TBC 7 4 460 SDM   Fixed Head
7.7 526 198-200 6/36 TBC 7 4 520 SDM 490 SDM Fixed Head
8.7 556 205-207 6/36 TBC 7 4 550 SDM 520SDM Fixed Head
10.0 594 232 44 TBC 7 4 550 SDM   Fixed Head


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