GOYA ALU BOOM RDM 2018 140 - 190

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Prime performance is being delivered by these Reduced Diameter T6 aluminum monocoque booms. If you?re on a budget but still want a peak performance product, look no further.

These booms feature a one-piece build structurally identical to our carbon booms. They in fact rival a number of carbon booms on the market. High stiffness and strength are provided even when fully extented. The grip is reduced, making riding this boom a pleasurable experience even if you?re in the water for hours. Our Alu boom comes with the Goya double pin locking system and features a highly robust front end with an integrated adaptor that allows use with RDM and SDM masts. Contest winning technology at an affordable price. The Reduced Diameter comes with wide and stiff tail ends, and lengths of up to 250 cm.

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