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Starboard isonic Carbon 2014

Das perfekte Board für den Defi Wind!

Starboard Isonic Racing Windsurfbrett
Das Windsurfbrett ist das Slalom Board von Starboard. Die Windsurfbretter sind schnelle Rennmaschinen und für hohe Spitzengeschwindigkeiten designed. Das iSonic ist das Board mit der höchsten Beschleunigung und optimaler Kontrolle in den Grenzbereichen zum Überholen in einem großen Windbereich.

The iSonics are Starboard?s slalom boards They are fast racing machines designed for the highest top speeds, the highest average speeds, the quickest accelerations with powerful overtaking abilities throughout a wide wind range. The range itself is designed around the PWA?s three board format: a perfect quiver covering all conditions can be achieved by selecting one board most suitable from each of the iSonic?s three size-categories listed on the right. The three smallest sizes are most narrow and shaped specifically for high-wind conditions. The two middle sizes are compact designs for maximum performance across a wide wind range, particularly medium wind strengths. The three largest sizes are extra-wide designs emphasizing light wind performance. In a nutshell, for 2014, the 80 liters, 87, 90, 97 and 107 liters iSonics are fully upgraded with shorter, wider and slimmer shapes and new cut-aways/side-cut designs that make for a wider wind range than before, more control, better acceleration and higher top speed. The 110, 117 and 130 liters are more evolutionary with new cut-aways/side-cut designs that boost top end speed and acceleration. They are a little bit thinner and the 110 liters was lengthened to match the balance of the range. For 2014, the iSonics come in two constructions: Wood, for more control and comfort and Carbon, for sharper accelerations, a stiffer feel and earlier planing ability. Internally known as Carbon Reflex, this new technology uses 45 degree Biaxial T700 carbon on the deck of the smaller boards and 30 degree Biaxial T700 carbon on the bigger boards combined with Uni-directional 80 carbon on the bottom. This allows the board to flex and rebound quickly and responsively: ultra light, energy efficient yet comfortable and responsive!


Länge Breite Gewicht Carbon
87 238 59 5,49 kg
97 231 65,5 5,76 kg
107 231 69,5 6,19 kg
110 230 75,5 6,45 kg
117 228 80 6,84 kg
130 228 85 7,11 kg

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