unsere Teamfahrer

Toni Wilhelm GER-3

"Everything happens for a reason – but be smart and  learn your lessons from it! "

Favorite discipline: in competition-> Race/Slalom; just for fun -> wave
Favorite board / Favorite Sail: Severne Mach 1 7.8, Severne Blade Pro 4.5
Favorite places: Cape Town, Mauritius, Santander
Other sponsors: Maximum-Surf (www.maximum-surf.de), Patrik, Ion, Smith
Homespot: Lake Geneva
Hobbies: Surfing, Skiing, Mountain Biking
Social Media Links (FB, Instagram, Twitter, Google + etc. etc.):  
FB – Toni Wilhelm - Windsurfing (@Toni.Wilhelm.GER3)
Instagram – wilhelm_toni

Gunnar Asmussen GER-2

"go big or go huge"

Favorite discipline: slalom / wave / speed 
Favorite Board: Isonic 137 / Mach 1 
Favorite places: Western Australia, Tenerife, Denmark
Other Sponsors: TWS, BSR, Maximum-Surf.de
Hobbies: Eishockey, Bike, Gym, swimming---

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