TABOU GURU 2013 155 l

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Tabou Guru 2013


For all the beginners the Guru is the best board to have under the feet. Affordable to purchase and equipped with a full EVA deck, it makes an entry into windsurfing as easy as possible. Because of its mature shape, this is exactly the right board to celebrate your first turn.

Fun for all regardless of whether they are a beginner or start to windsurfing again or just want to take a spin on holiday. Soft and easy underfoot and wide enough so that the uphauling is easy. The shape is based on the standard version of the Rocket. Due to the softer and heavier construction, the boards are extremely easy to ride. The boards last no longer than the normal Rockets but they are so designed that even the hard “school life” can not hurt them. Completely new this year is the Guru 125 and the Guru 145.

"When I speak with the owner of the surf schools at home he always says he loves his Guru Boards. No wonder if the guests are happy he has much less work to do!"

School Board, beginners Board and intermediates dream, the guru with EVA deck makes it all easy. The perfect first freeride board at an affordable price and in a very robust design. A variety of strap positions offer the possibility to  fit  the board exactly to your needs.

Model Volume Length Width Weight Box Fin Sails Size
Guru 125 125 258 70 9.1 Power Box FR 44 5.5 - 8.0
Guru 135 135 250 72 9.7 Power Box FR 46 6.0 - 8.5
Guru 145 145 258 76 10.1 Power Box FR 48 6.0 - 9.8
Guru 155 155 250 76 10.3 Power Box FR 50 6.0 - 10.0
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